Daftar Donatur Pembangunan Labschool

Daftar Donatur Pembangunan Labschool.

Kategori: Pribadi

+ Mark Dion
+ David and Helen Kenney
+ AR Ramly dan keluarga
+ Ruth and Julian Schroeder
+ Chapman Taylor
+ The Taylor family
+ Carr W Dornsife
+ Philip and Bess Sullivan
+ Gerald and Louise Winfield 

kategori: Lembaga
+ Newmont Mining Corporation
+ AIG Disaster Relief Fund
+ AmCham Indonesia
+ American Standard Indonesia
+ BI Perbankan Peduli Indonesia
+ Boeing Company melalui United Way International
+ Caterpillar Foundation
+ Caterpillar/PT Trakindo
+ Coca Cola ? US Asean Business Council Disaster Relief and Renewal Fund
+ Credit Renaissance Partners
+ Do Something Inc ? Kids Tsunami Relief Fund
+ Dompet Danamon Peduli Aceh
+ ExxonMobil Foundation
+ Freeman Foundation melalui Sampoerna Foundation
+ PT Freeport Indonesia
+ General Electric Indonesia
+ Greenville and Seely Place Elementary School, Scarsdale, New York
+ IBM Indonesia dan Cisco Indonesia
+ Jakarta International School Jakarta
+ PT Mitra Timur Lestari
+ Rolls Royce
+ Rotary Club Indonesia dan Rotarians from South Africa
+ Schumberger UKC


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